There is much to take in at this difficult time but we hope that this page will guide you in the things you made need to consider when planning the funeral.

• What are the formal and legal requirements regarding registering the death?

• What time and where would you like the funeral to take place?

• Has the decision for cremation or burial been made?

• Will the service be religious or non-religious?

• Will there be an anouncement in the newspaper?

• Should there be family flowers and/or donations to a charity of your choice?

• Would you like to have an Order of Service printed?


Registering the Death

Once we have been asked to take care of the deceased, we will inform the family when their loved ones are safely with us.

If the death was unexpected or has been reported to a Coroner by a Doctor, a Post Mortem may have to be carried out.

Currently, once the doctors papers are completed and availability at the selected crematorium has been confirmed, a service can take place within approxiametly seven working days. This can only be done by appointment with the Registrar. Should an inquest be opened you will not be able to register, however the funeral may still take place and you will be issued with an interim certificate.

Bath Registry Office: 01225 477234

Frome Registry Office: 01373 462887

We can provide details of other registration districts.

Patient Affairs at the Royal United Hospital, Bath can be contacted on 01225 824015 for any deaths occuring there.


What time and where would you like the funeral take place?

We are happy to guide you through the options offered by churches, cemeteries and crematoriums.

Currently, once the doctors paper are completed and availability at the selected crematorium has been confirmed, a service can take place within approxiametly three days.

Burials require slightly more time due to the nature of selecting the grave plot and the grave digging which can require a minimum of 5 working days.

Natural Burials are becoming a much popular option. Below are links to three of the more local burial grounds in the South West, including details of what they provide, how to visit and what they can provide.

Bath Natural Burial Meadow, Midford -
Bristol Memorial Woodlands -
Fevin Nature Reserve Burial Ground, Somerton -

Our individual and personal approach to funeral arrangements will ensure that the wishes of your loved onesare as fulfilled as we can possibly make them. This may include newspaper announcements, bequests to charities, choice of hymns and music or service sheets.


Funeral Costs

This is variable and dependent on how much you wish to spend on items such as the coffin, floral tribtes, funeral vehicles, the type and style of the service and service sheets. In addition to our professional charges there will also be certain external charges that need to be met regardless of the funeral style. 

Prices applicable as of 1st April 2019

• Crematorium Fees: (please note, all three crematoriums listed below have shorter time slots of half an hour at 9am and 9.30am at a lower cost)

Haycombe £934.00

Mendip £875.00

Semington £955.00

Westerleigh £955.00

• Doctors’ Fees (for cremation only): £164.00

• Ministers Fees: £195.00 (£10.00 for travel expenses may be added)

• Clarkson’s non-religious Service Taker: £110.00

• Purchase of Burial Plot (Haycombe, for residents of Bath): from £939.00

• Churchyard or Cemetery elsewhere - prices on application

• Grave Digging (any depth): Haycombe, Bath: £674.00

• Church Cemetery: Prices on application

• Newspaper Notice’s - prices on request (the average notice for the Bath Chronicle is £61.00)

• Service Sheets:
as a guidline, our most popular service sheet is a 4 page booklet printed on 250gsm white card:
- includes as many coloured photographs as you would like on the front and back page only
- black and white only on the inside pages
- all design, set-up and layout included in this cost
£1.30 per copy of the service sheet. (Example; 25 copies = £32.50)
*should there be more than 70 copies printed, a discounted rate can be offered.

• Limousine (licensed to carry 7 people): £160.00

• People Carrier (licensed to carry 6 people): £100.00


Professional Charges

Please note that we do not charge for our services up to the age of 18 years.

The Cost of a Funeral

Our Traditional Arrangements:     £2295.00

Including: arranging and conducting the funeral; provision of a Mercedes or Daimler Charcoal grey hearse; 4 pall bearers and Funeral Director both conducting on the day of the funeral service and throughout all arrangements; preparation of the deceased; organisation of a charitable fund for donations; bringing the deceased into our care*; chapel visits in our on premises Chapel of Rest; the families choice of date and time the funeral takes place; ashes to be returned to client or requested location as well as cared for without charge; 24/7 contact with a staff member from Clarkson's.

*please note that this includes and all in hours removals, however for those 'out of hours' there will be a seperate cost of £110.00 and in hours removal is limited to within 20 miles of the premises - mileage may be added for other locations.


THE PRENTON - oak veneered coffin              £175.00
THE MILBURN - mahogany veneered coffin    £185.00
THE PRESCOT - oak veneered coffin
with square panels and double raised lid          £230.00
THE CLAUGHTON - solid oak coffin with
routered panel sides and double raised lid       £620.00
LAST SUPPER - solid oak with side panels,
crown of thorns end and choice of 4 stains       from £695.00
SOMERSET WILLOW - wicker coffin                from £650.00
BANANA LEAF, WOOLLY & SEAGRASS         from £470.00

Please note we are not limited to the above coffins listed: SOMERSET WILLOW, BANANA LEAF, WOOLLY, SEAGRASS, COLOURFUL COFFIN, CARDBOARD COFFIN, MDF and other options such as unfinished coffins are also available.

*The coffin prices listed above are based on the 'standard' sizes made by the suppliers, however any special made coffins will be discussed with you and may incur additional charges.

The Limited:             £1995.00

Including: arranging and conducting the funeral; provision of the hearse and 4 pall bearers as well as a funeral director on the day of the service and throughout the arrangements; flat lid lined coffin; preparation of the deceased; chapel visits within opening hours; date and time of funeral service is limited to the early morning (9.30am slot) appointment only; organisation of a charitable fund for donations; collection of ashes on behalf of client; contact with staff member 24/7 from Clarkson's and in hours removal from within 20 miles of premises.

Please note, with this package, the option of a limousine and other additional choices is not available.    

Direct Cremation:          £1850.00

This service inclues a flat lid coffin, caring for the deceased, assisting with signing paperwork for the cremation, an early morning cremation at the local crematorium - the date and time of which will be chosen by us and clients will be informed of when the service will take place, doctors' fees and our services including bringing the deceased into our care*. This service does not allow for attendance at the crematorium, or any additional options. Ashes will be cared for by us until collected.


Please see our separate page for Pre-Paid Plans and to see just some of the selection of coffins that are available for you to chose.

Death is something that touches us all at some time in our lives but the death of a child is almost unbearable. It is a loss that affects each member of the family. As a family funeral directors, over the years, it has been my privilege to be entrusted with the task of arranging the funerals of many little ones who have lost their fight for life.

We are never intrusive, mindful that our role is to undertake the arrangements, always aware that this child is yours. There is no restriction on your visiting your little one in our chapel as often as you wish, though this is done by appointment to allow for your privacy and ensure you can spend as long as you wish.

We do not charge for our services, up to the age of 18 years. Should you choose to have personal requests such as floral tributes, order of service and alternative coffins, we can show you our range of options and the cost is only what we would be charged.


Selecting Flowers

We can help you with your choice of floral tribute or if you feel a personal visit or consultation would be preferable and of more assistance:

Rosie is a lovely lady, local to Bath: 07788512430
Crescent Flowers has a great location along the road at Julian Road: 01225 312999
Debs Design; Debbie has worked closely with us since our opening in Saltford. 01225 873288 or visit
Minty and Son in Frome. You can call them on 01373 462123

“The pages on this website should help you consider some of these preliminary arrangements but we will talk these over with you when we meet.

We will also take some of the pressure off you by making the arrangements on your behalf.

We have direct links with the local Churches, Ministers, Crematoriums and Cemeteries.”

Carol Spalding and Sophie May, Directors


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