Direct Cremation (Attended and Unattended)

Whether you want a direct cremation because it better reflects the character of the departed or as a cheaper alternative to a traditional funeral, Clarkson’s is here to help.

Sometimes a service isn’t what is wanted. At those times, be it a personal request from the person who has died, due to financial reasons or because a celebration or a party are where the focus is wanted and the cremation is something that holds no such importance, a direct cremation may be the choice you were looking for.

We all like to remember our loved ones in our own ways and a direct cremation, although unattended, is still a dignified moment treated with as much care and respect as any other type of service. All our clients and those in our care are treated with the same level of compassion, regardless of the type of funeral.

Within our Direct Cremation arrangement chapel visits (in hours) are available by appointment. Again, there is no additional charge for this.

If the wishes of the person who has died are for a direct cremation, there can be instances where loved ones, family and friends, may have wished to still have a small gathering to say goodbye. We, as part of our Direct Cremation arrangements, can offer the use of our private chapel(s) before the cremation as a space and opportunity for a moment to say their own personal farewell. Some may say a few words, sit with the closed coffin and listen to music, whilst others simply wish to have a moment to light a candle.

Please note that you can still collect the ashes after the cremation and we will hold those for you until you a ready for no additional cost.

Our offices in Bath, Frome and Saltford are always happy to discuss your options, so give us a call to talk through your choices.


Direct Cremation - Unattended: £1850.00

This service includes a coffin of our choice, caring for the deceased, bringing the deceased into our care ‘in hours’, assisting with all arrangements in our offices’ or digitally sent paperwork, a cremation at the local crematorium - the date and time of which will be chosen by us and clients will be informed of when the funeral will take place, doctors’ fees and our services. This service does not allow attendance at the crematorium, or any additional options. Ashes will be cared for until collected.


Direct Cremation - Attended: £1950.00

As per the unattended direct cremation option, but with the allowance for up to 6 attendees to witness reception with no officiant and through the Orchard Entrance and the date and time will be chosen with you upon arrangement of the funeral.


Direct Cremation - Attended with 15 minute service and celebrant*: £2150.00

*only available at Haycombe Crematorium, Bath

As per the Direct Cremation - Attended, but with allowance for a 15 minute service led by the Crematorium Celebrant at Haycombe. This service can only be provided for 8.30 & 9.00am. The time and date will be chosen with you upon arrangement of the funeral service. Pall bearers will attend with a Funeral Director from Clarkson’s.


(Please note: this does not include third party disbursements such as crematorium or the choice of coffin).


Our standardised price list is available here.

Our full price list is available here.

“The pages on this website should help you consider some of these preliminary arrangements but we will talk these over with you when we meet. We will also take some of the pressure off you by making the arrangements on your behalf. We have direct links with the local Churches, Ministers, Crematoriums and Cemeteries.”

Carol Spalding and
Sophie May, Directors



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