Eco-friendly and natural burial arrangements


As we become more aware of our effects on the planet in death as in life, many are choosing to think more about the affect our choices are having.

As well as choosing things such as a natural burial, smaller items within the funeral can be chosen which are eco-friendly. One of those is the coffin itself. There is a broad range available now from cardboard coffins which use 80% recycled material, to woollen coffins (felt) sourced from shearing or Willow coffins from those in the local Somerset Planes where they are grown, made and transported from.

Flowers can now come with eco-bases instead of the traditional material an oasis often uses or even the paper used for order of service sheets can be sourced recycled paper and card.

Please talk to us about any ideas, thoughts or questions you may have and we will always do our utmost to help achieve your personal wish.


Natural burials


A natural burial as an environmentally-friendly alternative to the more traditional funeral. The purpose of this kind of burial is to return the body to the soil in as natural a state as possible, without the use of embalming fluids (which is only done if requested by the family, or necessary to the choice of funeral but is not something that can be done for a natural burial), coffins that are not 100% biodegradable or cremation.

The sites used for a green funeral will normally have a conservation purpose, such as a wildlife habitat, protected woodland or wildflower meadow. Burial of a body in such an environment allows it to become part of the natural cycle of life, by becoming part of the earth itself. They can be very peaceful, tranquil and restful places and ashes are, in most locations, also able to be interred as a final resting place for those who may wish to consider this option instead of a full burial.

To find out more about a natural burial in the Bath, Frome and Saltford areas, call your local Clarkson’s office and we’ll be glad to talk through the choices of location, costs involved and what you may wish to have at the funeral service.

Please see the following links for more information on some of the above listed locations.

Bath Natural Burial Meadow, Midford
Bristol Memorial Woodlands
Salisbury Natural Burial, Wiltshire


Our ‘coffins’ page shows a small sample of images for a collection of the eco coffins available.


Our standardised price list is available here.

Our full price list is available here.

“The pages on this website should help you consider some of these preliminary arrangements but we will talk these over with you when we meet. We will also take some of the pressure off you by making the arrangements on your behalf. We have direct links with the local Churches, Ministers, Crematoriums and Cemeteries.”

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