The Prenton - oak veneered coffin: £165.00

The Milburn - mahogony veneered coffin: £175.00




The Prescot: oak veneered coffin with square panels and double raised lid: £220.00

The Claughton: solid oak coffin with routered panel sides and double raised lid: £610.00

The Last Supper: solid oak coffins with side panels, crown of thorns end and choice of 4 stains: from £695.00

*please note the flowers are for display purposes only

However should you wish to choose an alternative, or eco-friendly coffin, you can select from some of those below.

This is just a small selection of the different coffins that are available, but should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Colourful Coffins

Should you wish to select a highly individual more modern themed or personally designed coffin.

Colourful Coffins

Coffin prices from £400.00 - please note that the above picture is of a higher priced coffin

Casket prices from £100.00

Natural Woven Products and Somerset Willow

In keeping with demands for a ‘greener’ more eco-friendly produce, Natural Woven Products produce seagrass and banana leaf and willow coffins.

Seagrass traditional coffin and casket

Woven Coffins

Seagrass coffins from £370.00

Banana Leaf coffin from £380.00

Natural Legacy Woolly Coffins

Woolly Coffins in either grey or cream wool

Carboard Coffins

The cardboard coffins come in either plain base colours such as the above 'economy brown' as well as various tones of brown and green.

They also come in 'pictoral' styles such as the example abve called 'Seascape' and 'Forget Me Not'.


Somerset Willow Coffins

The above image shows the curved end in buff colour with cream bands. Please note that due to each coffin being made to order, the colour may have some slight variation from the picture shown.

The above image shows the traditional shape in gold colour with green bands and handles.
Locally made and sourced wicker coffins from £550.00
Ashes caskets are also available from £70.00

Daisy Coffins

Daisy coffins’ are designed for natural funerals and are made from water hyacinth which is an abundant and sustainable material.

Shown in a round end, but traditional shape is also an option.

Wayne Kelly

“On this page, you will be able to view the three coffins offered as part of our Traditional package, and as you scroll down, you will find just a small selection of the different coffins that are also available,  which are price on request, but should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us and we can provide you with more details.”

Wayne Kelly, Branch Manager and Funeral Director, Frome


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